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Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to produce uncommon results, and at Flying G Racing that is our goal.

We currently have partners in our thoroughbred partnerships, from all over the United States that include California, Michigan, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Louisiana, Illinois, Florida, Virginia, Rhode Island, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey,Missouri, Ohio, Texas, and More!

Flying G Racing is a Thoroughbred Racing Partnership designed by Partners for Partners!  Flying G Racing Thoroughbred Syndicate is based on a team approach.

Flying G Racing is more than horse racing, in just four years we have built a bond between partners that is equivalent to family. We have an open door policy and are always available to answer questions that anyone may have.

Join us on our Path to Success and be part of a today!

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All Team Members of the Flying G Racing Syndicate can be licensed by the West Virginia Racing Commission.

West Virginia Racing Commission





All Flying G Racing “Welcome” packets receive the owner’s permit application and information.

Visit the West Virginia Racing Commission’s website for additional information.