Horses FIRST – On the Track and Off.

With all of the press of Drawing Away Stable and Trainer David Jacobson of late, it is easy to forget about all the positive press that goes on by a lot of Owners, Trainers and Horsemen, including the above mentioned.
We should understand that we live in glass houses and mistakes and misfortune are just as much a part of the game as The thrill of victory and the LOVE of the sport!
We believe that being responsible like parents in years past, when playing football without helmets or getting the kids Lawn Darts for Christmas was not the safest thing in the world, but it beats video games and every ones a winner I.M.O.
Horse racing is an adult game loved by all ages, We do our best to do what’s right in our opinion, by each and every horse we have had. first and foremost. We will have fun second and participation third. Others are in it for Money first. That don’t mean they want to harm the horse, but it does harm the sport in such a negative based media we all seem to get caught up in.
We are very lucky at Flying G Racing Thoroughbred Syndicate – Horse Racing Partnerships to have a great group of team members that share in this game plan!

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