Testimonials | Reviews of Flying G Racing’s Horse Racing Partnership

You are by far the best . I wish we could have met awhile back,before I spent some dumb money.Thanks again


I always appreciate the way you guys work to keep the horses’ interests first. Thumbs up


“I joined Flying G as a first time partner not knowing at all what to expect, and boy what a learning experience. even though we did not do great, we had some kicks, as well some real tough times. The tough times showed that most of our partners were real horsemen as they say. gritty, determined and willing to take our lumps in order to stay in the game. The partners I have been in contact with are great folks. they love the sport for the right reasons. as for Scott, I can’t say enough. his desire and determination to keep the horses running is infectious. being a part of Flying G has given me a new perspective on racing that makes me appreciate the work everyone involved in horse racing has to do, in order to get a horse to the races. In California, I would never have been able to buy into horses, let alone keep them in training for what we get with Flying G. glad to be a partner! look out W Virginia racing!”


“Joining up with Flying G Racing at the grassroots has been great in that getting to see a stable grow from the ground up which has been exciting. We have had some hiccups getting started but I think we have a laid a great foundation for growing from year 1. I know that with the core group of people involved that we are setting up to be a great stable to be reckon with in the West Virginia Bred ranks. Having the ability to ask questions and get answers from a trainer who has an open door policy and actually enjoys getting calls from us is also a great experience. I can’t wait for March to roll around in order to get back on the track with our girl and anticipating the start of year 2 with the stable!”


“I have been very surprised on how much a few percent in some Racehorses has impacted my life. I awake every day thinking about what is to come. With young horses it has been a roller coaster ride as promised in our first year.   This is gamble and all owners in this sport should realize this. We have a solid core in place, from the Breeder to the Trainer and a stable that shows they believe in their horses by keeping a large percentage of each horse.  I looking forward to big things in the future. “


“I have nothing but good things to say about Flying G. I never imagined having any kind of horse ownership and Flying G has allowed that to happen. It’s been fun and exciting. Everything that I have seen has been above board and I have no complaints. I have worn my Flying G t-shirts proudly at Monmouth Park and will also be bringing them to Saratoga to display my pride in my stable. Scott, Jake and the rest of the team have done a great job and I look forward to being a part of the future of Flying G.”


“Since I joined the team last fall, I have been nothing but impressed by the way Flying G is run and the way that our partners and trainers handle themselves. I looked into some other stables before I spoke to Scott about Flying G, and while they were friendly enough, I did not feel nearly as valued and welcomed as I have been by everyone at Flying G. If you financially can’t invest in a huge share of a horse, a lot of stables treat you like a statistic, not really an owner. This has never been the case with Scott or anyone else at Flying G, owner or trainer. A year ago, when I thought about being involved in this business, I felt like I was looking at something very far down the road. Never did I dream that for so little cost, I could soon be part of the decision making of (darn good!) racehorses, go to the backside, talk to trainers, etc. As someone with aspirations to eventually work in the business, this has been a dream come true.
So to end off my sappy speech… y’all are a great stable, and I’m PROUD to be part of this team! “


Thank you so much for this opportunity to own part of a race horse.  It has been my dream since I watched the horses early morning work outs at Hollywood Park as a kid. I was part of the Railbird club there.
You have the best partnership around—please don’t change!  Best of luck with the horses!