Unexpected Costs Associated With Owning a Racehorse

So, now that we’ve covered some of the costs that every owner has to cover.  What are some of the unexpected costs that you might…expect?

Other expenses paid by the owner that are not included in the day rate:

Farrier – at the track this is $125-$150 per horse about every 30 days
Shipping – to races at outside tracks, between racetracks seasonally, to and from farms if your horse gets lay-up or vacation
Race day expenses – pony to post, hotwalker, vet wrap, tape, run down patches, etc. at about $50 per race
Veterinary care, medications, vaccinations, worming – including pre and post race treatment
Specialized equipment or supplements for an individual horse
Mortality insurance on horses – usually about 3% of agreed value of horse annually
Liability insurance – generally a “per horse” rate annually
Jockey fees – usually $50-$75 if unplaced or 10% taken out of purse money automatically
Trainer’s share of purse – usually 10% of purse money earned, invoiced to owner monthly