What does it cost to keep and train a racehorse?

Our partnerships allow racing fans and handicappers the experience of owning a racehorse, without the risk, worries, and expense that comes with owning a horse on your own.

If you wanted to own a horse, the training, blacksmith, veterinarian and other related monthly expenses need to be paid, regardless if your horse races and earns money.

What does it cost to own a racehorse?

In addition to the initial cost of your horse, the biggest cost might be the trainer’s day rate.  Day rates can anywhere from $45 – $125 depending on factors such as location and success level of the trainer.  What is a trainer’s day rate?  And, what does it include?  Read more about a trainer’s day rate here.

There are other costs as well.  The blacksmith, transportation, vet, and more.  Not to mention some of the unexpected costs.  What sort of unexpected costs can you..well, expect?  Here are a few of the expenses to keep a racehorse.

Owning a horse on your own could average between $2000 and $4500 a month.

With our partnership arrangement you can get in on the action for only $20 a month. (Half Share)