Flying G Racing’s Path to Success

1. To provide a integral place in the sport for the common every day fan that can afford as little as $25 a month. Via State-Bred programs, from both a 2yr and yearling approach.

2. Provide a “what can we do to help you” approach. We are a Team and a winning Team attitude means success.

3. To teach and learn from all the Horses, Partners and Horsemen we team up with.

4. To provide the best overall entertainment/investment value in the business.

5. To be the biggest collection of Non-Snobby, Loud-screaming, Table-pounding, Horse-loving, Proud-syndicate Gangster’s out there!

6. To promote each horse we take on in a manor that provides the horse a proud and winning career on track and continue to stay involved in each horse’s OTTB life in a manor that provides as many soft landings as possible.

7. Involved ownership as opposed to the passenger ownership most syndicates offer.

8. The ability to pick winners ( looking to go 11 for 11 in 2016 ) from a low risk high reward platform. Avg. purchase cost of our first 11 runners is just $6000.

9. A well informed group means a well informed Team. There is a lot more to this than workout reports and entry notifications.

10. You!