Flying G Gear

About Our Flying G Racing Store

We use CafePress to offer products and merchandise for our team. While CafePress allows vendors to mark up their products to make a profit. Flying G Racing does not do this. We feel the cost of their products is quite high enough without any markup at all. That is the price we pay to offer individual custom products, but we do not wish to make this any higher. We do not need a financial motivation to offer these products. It pleases us to see the team support.

Also, we encourage you to check for coupons before you order. They often have special offers such as 50% off t-shirts or 75% off certain items. You can join the CafePress newsletter on the following page for more coupons and deals. (Note: We will also post on our website or facebook page about occasional deals if you don’t wish to sign up for more newsletters!)


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