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Thank you for your interest in thoroughbred participation from the owners box, and in particularly the Flying G Racing Team concept.

Please tell us more about you, so that we may know your level of interest. You will be forwarded directly to our sample Partnership Agreement for your review.

In a nutshell, Flying G will be the soul Owner of all Horses and make all racing/business decisions. You will become part of our Team. Your job will be to support each horse you are involved with and share in the rewards, the ups and downs, the 2 way upfront and honest Team first attitude that promotes success for all involved. In return you will get a 100% open door policy, day to day, week to week info, Month to month lease options, lowest costs in the game, Open access to the Horses at anytime, A very active private forum that averages 1.5 posts a day the past 3 years. A huge commitment to the Horses on track success and healthy post racing placement and involvement.

There is no obligation of any kind.

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