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Scott’s Analysis and Sean’s Analysis are both available in this post.

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1 … He has trained great since his first race. Jack has done a great job of developing him into a professional 2 year old. I think that mix of professionalism and raw talent, will make him a winner in start number 2.

1a … It is a miracle that she has made it to the races this year.. She was very sick on Memorial Day, but has shown a lot of toughness the last few months, She is ornery in the barn and may bite or kick her way into a nice debut.
2 Seeking Nobility… A 9k yearling purchase, his pedigree and works suggest more distance and development. Trainer has good % here.
3 Storm Love… Was 4th in debut in open company..Sub-zero Beyer however and Trainer just 1 for 69
4 No Nonsense… A Hubel Farm Bred, Looks to have had an excuse in debut, Jock does well here.
5 Valiant Way… He was 27 behind one we beat in last.
6 Santelli… Well Bred,solid Trainer, but not great % first time, a lot of average looking works on paper.
7 Gracee’s Tuition… Ditto the 6. Does show a bullet 3f work 3 back
8 My Friend Wes… The one that worries me the most. We will look to run him down again in the stretch.
Sean’s Analysis
1-Noontime Badge- Been training well since last defeat..Looked good in the debut, Like that he has one under his belt for this race.. Should take a step forward and has a good shot for the top spot. Don’t think we saw his best in the debut.

1a- Nan Cee Cee Flies- Has not shown enough to warrant a look at the top spot…Love the jockey selection for her as I think BJW will keep her involved the whole time. Maybe she gets a piece if she improves, think this is a good spot for the debut though.
2-Seeking Nobility- Bought for 9K at Keenland which may warrant the 3-1 odds along with the trainer hitting at 31% for the meet. Giants Causeway offspring usually like going long and turf as well so look for an improved effort next time out..Trainer 1/11 first time out just doesn’t do it for me.
3-Storm Love- Storm cat offspring usually pretty good early in career but nothing to like in that debut.. Took no money and the trainer is just 1% for the meet. Look else where.
4-No Nonsense- Lost by 35 lengths in the debut and took no money. Trainer 0% in horses with their second start. Sloppy track in the debut might just mean he needs a good track. But will have to look else where for the top spot.
5-Valiant Way- 0 for 12 trainer for the meet. 0 and 6 are his two speed figures which just means he should not have a chance here. Never factored in either race.
6-Santelli- Good connections and trainer percantage. Horse bought for 12k for keenland means he should have some potential but will most likely need one. Have seem horses from this trainer run decent first out but much better 2nd time out.
7-Gracee’s Tuition- Solid work on the 23rd means he should have some speed.Hard to get a read with limited works will take a pass based on limited works.
8-My Friend Wes- Debut looked good but took a step back 2nd time out. I am sure one of these first time starters will try to run with him but may get a lone lead based on past runners. Has a shot for top spot if he gets the lead on his own.
Scott’s Picks…1-8-7-4-1a
Sean’s Picks- 1, 8, 6,4
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