Only I Know, Set up for failure? (Part 4)

Set up for failure?

Part 4 in our series.

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Norris shipped to Woodbine to work and enter in a 67K MSW race that to our dismay did not fill on closing weekend. We were then left scrambling to find him a race.

When you buy a horse as a yearling, 2 weeks before the Santa Anita Derby, based on the assumption that his Sire (Flower Alley) would be represented in the KY Derby if I’ll Have Another could win the race, and The Dam was a solid looking producer (Cuz You Never Know) paying 10k for a 1200 Keenland weanling sale, seemed like a bargain to me, So making his debut at his Home Base of Mountaineer had us nervous.
With such high expectations the pressure was on Me, Deb, Terry and Norris to produce. I think track commentator Mark Patterson said it best. Nice Job of conditioning by Trainer Deb Rombis, a nice ride as always from Terry Houghton and did the rest! His track record E-Fig of 88 was knocked down 1 point to 87, still a track record by 1 for a 2yr 1st time starter at Mountaineer Race Track.
A lot of things have went right or fell into place since. The only blemish on the story book thus far was I.H.A. not getting his shot at the Triple Crown. A lot more things will have to go right to be in the Kentucky Derby, our Dream, not necessarily our Goal.
To answer the question if Only I Know was set up for failure, I would say yes. After watching his debut He made it known to all ONLY I KNOW IS ALREADY A SUCCESS!!

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