Money Mo Money is…Money!

money mo money thoroughbred backstretch

is looking great and has big plans for next year.  Did you know you can still be part of the team?

For only $250, you can purchase 2.5%. And, for $40 a month (Approx 2.5% of maintenance costs), you can share in 2.5% of the purse money.

Where else can you find a horse with a heart like Money Mo Money for only $250! If you haven’t seen it, just check out this stretch run..Click Here

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One Response to “Money Mo Money is…Money!”

  1. Sean Wentz says:

    As a partner who experience all three of her races this year… Their is no dollar amount that can justify the excitement that this one brings to the track every time she races. She is clearly never out of a race no matter how far she is back. Looking forward to her next start coming off a big win.

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