Chase Bank Quick Pay-Instructions

For Chase Bank Customers:

Chase customers can simply go to the “Chase QuickPay” tab under “Payments and Transfers,” click “Sign Up Now” and follow the instructions. Before using the service, they’ll need to verify a primary email address using a one-time activation code sent by email.

The Flying G Racing email address for Chase QuickPay is

Non-Chase customers can follow these steps:

Go to and click “Sign Up Now” under “Not a Chase Customer?”. If you’ve sent money to a non-Chase customer, your recipient will receive a payment notification email with a link to the enrollment process. Create a User ID and Password to use when logging on at Add a non-Chase bank account to use when sending money. Verify an email address using a one-time activation code Chase will send by email or text message.

Non-Chase customers can send money immediately after enrolling in Chase QuickPay for one transaction, You can send a one payment of up to $250, until the following verification process is completed.

After this one transaction, or to send or accept a payment over $250, you will need to verify your non-Chase bank account. Chase uses a simple process called “trial deposits.” Chase makes two small deposits to your account and then asks the you to verify the amounts by entering them at Chase. This takes one to two business days.

Chase will also make one small withdrawal to cover the two small deposits. The recipient enters the amounts of the two deposits only and not the amount of the withdrawal.

Note: The receiver (Flying G Racing) will not see your account number or other account details, and you won’t see theirs. You and Flying G Racing only need to know each other’s email address or mobile phone number.

The Flying G Racing email address for Chase QuickPay is

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See the Chase Quickpay FAQ for detailed Instructions.

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