WV Claiming Partnership

Flying G Racing brings together people throughout the world to be part owners in a thoroughbred racehorse.  You can live anywhere in the world and be a partner in one of our racehorses. However, you must be able to obtain an Thoroughbred Owners License from the West Virginia Racing Commission.

For each horse partnership there are 100 (1%) shares. Each share is equal to one percent (1%) ownership. Each horse represents a partnership.  Minimum purchase is just one (1) share in a horse partnership. The maximum purchase in a single Flying G horse partnership is twenty-five (25) shares.  An owner can own shares in as many different Flying G horses as they chose.

Initial buy-in for the purchase/claim will be $79 per 1% share.
Monthly training and maintenance fees will be $20/mo per 1% share.

Funds will be collected when the deal is “closed” and all shares are sold.

If you would like to join us in WV, please contact us with any questions or let us know how many shares (what %) of the deal you want to reserve.

Reserve your shares now as this opportunity is already 20% sold!