Looking forward to 2013 Season

trainer jack allen
As we move towards our new season, we have many changes happening, too.  Our horses will be finding a new home and a new trainer.
We want to thank Jack Allen for a job well done with all of our horses.  We had many good times with Jack and can’t thank him enough for all that he has done for us.  Jack will always be a part of Flying G  and one of the milestones of the stable.  He brought us our first MSW winner, our first horse to win multiple races, and our first multi-win meet.
While we will have a new primary trainer, we hope to keep in touch with Jack and wish him all the best both on the track and off.


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  1. i have to say i am very sad to part ways with Jack. i feel we never would have accomplished the things we did without him. we were on the fast track to nowhere when Jack came on board and set us straight. i will always be grateful to Jack for our first msw win. it was as exciting as ANY race i have been a part of, and will be a highlight of my racing days. i only hope our new trainer will be as easy to get along with as Jack was. i appreciated Jack’s friendly and honest style, and wish him all the best. Thanks Jack, you are a true gentleman.

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